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We're proud to be bringing our combined decades of scientific experience, nutritional know-how and engineering expertise to the aquaculture industry in 2019 with the launch of VITA AQUA FEEDS.

Vita Aqua Feeds (VAF) is poised to revolutionise the way in which cleaner fish are fed and maintained in aquaculture. Our unique feed block products and one-of-a-kind feeding stations are designed for practicality and efficiency.


VAF diets are targeted at one of salmon farming’s biggest issues – the control of sea lice. The feed blocks are designed to encourage and facilitate grazing behaviour, as well as have a positive effect on the general health and welfare of the fish. Extensive studies into the effectiveness of our diets with lumpfish has even shown a 77% decrease in cataract prevalence when compared with a pelleted diet - increasing the efficacy of the cleaner fish.

Visit the VAF website for more information.


We've always strived to provide fresh ideas and innovations in the aquatics and aquaculture industries, combining our unique formulations and engineering expertise to create an unparalleled product. Our Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition range is manufactured and distributed worldwide all from one location in the heart of Yorkshire and we are proud to be representing our sector in 2019's Parliamentary Review.


The Review is a series of governmental publications which aim to share best practice and industry developments among policy makers and business leaders. Each publication puts a focus on a key governmental policy area and includes insights from organisations within that sector, as well as cabinet ministers, government agencies and trade bodies. It also details the impact that current government and political affairs have on our business and industry. The Review serves as a comprehensive summary of the state of the industry in the past year and as a reliable template for the year to come, tied together by the former world trade editor of the Financial Times, The Rt Hon David Curry.

You can read the full feature right here.


Our goal has always been to improve the way fish are fed around the world and we’re pleased to say Vitalis has been swiftly growing in popularity on the global market - now distributed in over 40 countries.


We recently paid a visit to Tzong Yang Aquarium Company in Taiwan to meet father and daughter team Denis and Tina Wang and find out about just how well Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition is doing out there.

We were taken aback by the fantastic welcome and response we received from our Taiwanese associates. Vitalis has already found huge success in the Taiwan market, feeding a diverse range of aquatic species for the past year. Their team of 13 have been hard at work sharing the core ethos of Vitalis and demonstrating the benefits of our diets for fish in the retail market. They’re very much looking forward to further success moving forward.

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