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WORLD FEEDS LIMITED is a UK-based manufacturer of animals feeds, specialising in aquatic nutrition and producing unparalleled aquatic diets for fish around the globe. Our unique and innovative feeds cater to millions of animals in some of the largest public aquariums in the world, the global retail market and the Northern hemisphere's leading aquaculture sites.

Our objective and philosophy is to provide the best standard of nutrition for captive fish, promoting natural feeding behaviour and improving general health and welfare by delivering high quality, complete diets worldwide.

We believe the key to this is the coaction of a superior feed and providing fish with the best access to it. Owing to our unique production processes and innovative engineering, we have developed and refined feeding solutions and strategies that revolutionise aquarium and aquaculture feeding and care.

Our team of nutritional scientists, marine biologists and technical engineers work collaboratively so that our selection of high quality, sustainably sourced ingredients, unique scientifically precise formulas and bespoke machinery (developed in-house), produce the highest quality feed products, like no other on the market.

Would you like to learn more? Visit our brand websites for more information on our specialist aquatic diets...

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