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World Feeds Limited is a UK based manufacturer of animal feeds and are innovators in aquatic nutrition.

Our team of nutritional scientists and technical engineers work collaboratively so that our selection of high quality, sustainably sourced ingredientsunique scientifically precise formulas and bespoke machinery (developed in-house), produce the highest quality feed products, like no other on the market.

As specialists in aquatic nutrition, our flagship Vitalis range is specifically tailored to meet the refined nutritional needs of different aquatic species. Vitalis is used globally by leading public aquariums, feeding millions of fish in some of the largest multi-species exhibits in the world. Vitalis is also widely available on the global retail market, bringing that same standard of nutrition to the home aquarium.

In the global aquaculture sector, our VAF (Vita Aqua Feeds) range include unique cleaner fish feed blocks alongside our one-of-a-kind feeding stations. We provide innovative, practical and efficient feeding solutions to improve the welfare of cleaner fish while bolstering their efficacy in the ongoing war against sea lice in salmon farming in Scotland and Norway.

Would you like to learn more? Visit our brand websites for more information on our specialist aquatic diets...

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